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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Legend of Mat Cincang and Mat Raya

If you are visiting Mount Machinchang and Gunung Raya in Langkawi, learn about the legend here:
Legend of Mat Cincang and Mat Raya
These two mountains in Langkawi Gunong Machinchang (on the western part of Langkawi island, state of KEDAH) and Gunong Raya tell the tale of a feud between two families of giants. Legend tells of Mat Raya's son wanting to marry Mat Cincang's daughter. Despite Mat Cincang’s opposition, the marriage took place. During the wedding feast, a fight broke out between the two familes. It is said that Mat Chinchang and Mat Raya were turned into mountains by the Langkawi Gedembai who witness the fight.
During the fight, a large pot of gravy broke and its contents flowed onto the ground. Where the gravy spilt, became know as Kuah (the town) . Where the engagement ring was hurl became known as Tanjung Cincin (Cape of the Ring). Kampung Kisap (kisap means seep through) is the name of the village where the gravy seeped into the land. It is believed that the Hot Springs at Air Hangat is the site where a cauldron of hot water was broken and spilled. Mat Cincang and Mat Raya was transformed into the the two mountains.