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Thursday, 29 October 2009

What to do in Langkawi Island

A must visit - a cable car ride up Mount Matchinchang and a walk over the top of the hill.

Sunbathing, swimming on the spectacular beaches
  • Indulge in many water-based or beach activity to occupy your leisure time. Diving or snorkelling into the depths of the sea around Pulau Payar.
  • Island hopping to uncovering the legends that surrounds the spectacular 99 islands of Langkawi

  • Explore nature sanctuary at Pulau Singa or one of the many uninhabited island of Langkawi

  • Travel to Langkawi on a cruise liner or private yacht or take a round island cruise

  • Sample local Malaysian food and fresh sea food or visit open markets or the pasar tani and pasar malam.

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sasha said...

you have shared a great points for traveling to island...
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